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Welcome to Brno, a place in Moravia, Czech Republic, surrounded by a long tradition of fairs and exhibitions.
This historical crossroads has always been destined to welcome business events of a global magnitude
due to its convenient location, entrepreneurial atmosphere and its ambition for excellence.
We are fully aware that each event is unique. Therefore, we are here to listen so that we can be
on your wavelength from the very start and satisfy all of your wishes. Our goal is to run your event perfectly,
and we adapt all of our services to provide this.

Social experiences

Events and
Corporate Events

Invite your guests to an extraordinary place. Enhance your experience through the perfect interaction of elements appealing to all the senses. Beautifully landscaped spaces, excellent cuisine, the smell of fresh flowers, live music and satin placemats.

We can arrange all this and much more to provide a great impression of your event. Express your wishes, and we will bring them to life.

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New knowledge

and Seminars

Make your congress a prestigious event. It is not important how many guests you want to invite, only how you imagine your event to look. We will help you find and implement the ideal solution. We can modify space to match your needs.

Our mission is to provide everything for the benefit of your event.

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Rhythm and emotions

Concerts and
Cultural Events

Find the space where your music will come to life. With each passing note you will intensify the experience of your audience. Imagine that. Thousands of people under one roof, in a hall which fully meets your expectations.

With us you will have your musical space perfectly under control.

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Adrenaline and victory

Sporting Events

With a sense of fair play, appreciation of adrenaline and an accurate stopwatch, we will kick your sporting event o together. Everything will be prepared in advance so you can enjoy the pure pleasure of movement with nothing in your way.

With us, you will e ortlessly coast to the finish line as the winner. See for yourself.

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Perfect scene

Film Production

Focus your attention on the unique film studios in Brno. The splendid architecture, professional technical support, and a team of experienced professionals will stimulate your creative potential.

Complete your cinematic work to perfection; we will assist in the realization of your dreams.

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Naplněná partnerství

Hosting the
Brno Trade Fair

Come in, make yourself at home and utilize all of the comforts that we o er you for your trade fair. It is important for us that you are comfortable in our environment.

We are ready for anything you desire. From the possibilities of the versatile use of the site through comprehensive services to quality accommodation, we will strive to satisfy all of our guests' requirements.

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Made for experiences

We are ready to meet even the most demanding requirements of our clients. We have rich experience with the organization of diverse events. Do you need to design your event, schedule the space, provide technical equipment, and create a pleasant atmosphere? We will arrange all this and much more. You can be sure that the Brno Exhibition Centre will bring your event to life.

Rent a space with unlimited options!

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Rental of Exhibiton Halls

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